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JCA International is a worldwide network of auditing, accounting, lawyers and consulting Firms, called JCA Member Firms, serving international clients. Each JCA Member Firm is an independent authorized entity in its own country. Employers need their organization to run efficiently while they meet business goals worldwide. JCA International’s member firms provide outsourced employment services, including payroll to clients.

Jitendra Chartered Accountants is Pioneer of JCA International.
JCA International, through its international network of member firms, provides businesses with risk management advice and support, drawing on the resources, expertise and experience from around the world. We might work for independent firms but we all subscribe to the same contract. This charter stresses the sincerity, reliability and complete professionalism we bring to accounting and business ethics. We want to be sure that each member benefits from the network as well as adding to it and sharing our principles. You will find that the network is consequently rich in people ready to give forward-thinking advice, based on a solid foundation of best practice.

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All businesses face risks. Anything from unexpected personnel problems to machinery breakdowns can spell heavy losses. That’s why every company must constantly re-evaluate its processes and adapt to change. There are risks at every stage that need to be identified, prioritised and managed.
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